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Technical Advice

For free technical advice e-mail Nick Vass


    Mast Compression A description of the Mast compression problem and possible solutions
  Rudder & Rudder Tube Repairs A page about rudder, rudder post and rudder tube problems and repair
  Osmosis A description of the osmosis problem and its cures
  Gas Installations Advice on gas installations
  Seacocks and Skin Fittings Advice on the use and selection of seacocks and skin fittings
  Rubbing Strakes Advice on replacing rubbing strakes
  Principal Dimensions A list of the principal dimensions of Hurley yachts
  Mast and Boom Dimensions Mast and boom lengths for Hurley yachts ca.1968
  H22 SCM Rudder Post Gland Service How to service the rudder post gland on a Hurley 22 SCM
  Use of road diesel in boats An article by Nick Vass about whether road diesel can safely be used in boats
  Portsmouth Yardsticks A list of PYs for Hurley boats
  Mast Lifting Frame A description of Howard Cogan's mast lifting frame for a Hurley 22
  New Woodwork Beading and Capping An illustrated article by Kevin Mitchell about revamping the bulkhead in his SCM H22
  Running the halyards back to the cockpit An illustrated article by Kevin Mitchell about how to run the halyards back to the cockpit in a SCM H22
  Servicing sheet winches An illustrated article by Kevin Mitchell about how to service the sheet winches on a SCM H22
  Fitting the Jabsco Compact Toilet into a Hurley 20 An illustrated article about how to fit the Jabsco Compact toilet into a Hurley 20
  Hurley 20 Laptop Table Stand An illustrated article about how to make a laptop stand for a Hurley 20
  Rusting Ballast in a fin keel Hurley 22 An illustrated guide to the problem and how to fix it by Tim Sharman
  Fitting single line mainsail reefing to a Hurley 22 Tom Sharman's illustrated description of fitting single line mainsail reefing to 'Strider'
  Lowering/raising a Hurley 22 mast Ian Sinclair's illustrated guide to lowering/raising a H22 mast using a simple wooden A-frame
  Hurley 22 washboard leaks Ian Sinclair describes how he found and cured washboard leaks in his early H22
  Hurley 22 beaching legs Bruce Carter describes how to make and fit beaching legs to a Hurley 22
  Outboard overheat alarm Peter Snook describes how to make and fit an outboard overheat alarm to his Hurley 22
  Buying Cruising Sails Buying Cruising Sails - what you need to know. An article from OneSails - see their entry on the Tips page
  H22 New Tiller Stock Pictures of a broken H22 tiller stock and of the new replacement
  H22 Sail Sizes Sail sizes for H22 and H22 SCM
  Rigging a H24/70 Information applies to most Hurley classes.


  Hurley 22 Profile drawing of a Hurley 22
  Hurley 22 rudder Shows two rudder shapes
  Hurley 20 sailplan