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Your original rubbing strake and raised gunwale capping would have most likely been made from iroko. Screwed into place at 6" intervals with No8 1" stainless steel screws. Hurley Marine tended to use iroko rather than teak but did swap materials around. Please see H22 brochure on brochures page. I have replaced mine with teak which is easier to bend and more weather resistant but more expensive. Hurley would have used iroko as it is cheaper but does much the same job. Both woods are from the same family and are treated with teak oil or ‘Deks Olje’. Iroko is better for the environment as it is farmed. Proper teak trees have to be about 80 years old before they are any good and are a rainforest wood. (I used recycled ex science lab worktops).

Hurley 22 - rubbing strakes removed Hurley 22 - new rubbing strakes

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Nick Vass.
Technical Advisor HOA