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The HOA Calendar 2019 + Tidal Range Indicator

Many thanks to all those who submitted entries to our photo compettion and hence provided the photos for our calendar.

The cost is £10.00 per copy inc p&p.

Sorry - Now sold out.

A History of
Hurley Marine

A History of Hurley Marine - Second Edition

Following the hugely successful celebration event 'Bring Your Hurley Home - 2016' it was decided that the occasion should be recorded in a second edition of the History. It also followed that small amendments and other available items of additional historical information should be included. The Second Edition therefore contains some textual amendments to the main historical section, along with additional photographs; a new section entitled '50 Years of Hurley Boats' and a new photo gallery comprising images of the BYHH 2016 Hurley Fleet sailing in Plymouth Sound.

The cost is £17.00 per copy inc p&p. To order your copy of the 2nd Edition follow this link

For owners of the First Edition who do not wish to purchase Edition 2, an electronic document has been prepared in PDF format containing the new and amended material. A copy may be obtained by e-mailing a request to Tim Sharman,


HOA has come to an arrangement with CMP Embroidery of Gosport, to take orders from individuals for clothing embroidered with the HOA logo.

CMP have the capability to embroider the basic circular HOA logo, as illustrated top left, plus text above and below the logo as specified by individual customers.

Please note: HOA has facilitated this arrangement for the convenience of members but the placing and fulfilment of orders is wholly a matter between CMP and the individual. HOA is not liable for and will not involve itself in any dealings between CMP and members.

Points to note.

- Refer to CMP's website, to view their clothing brochure.

- Members are advised to discuss their particular requirements with CMP - telephone 01329 510968 and talk to Melissa or Richard.

- The price list for most common items embroidered with the logo is below. Additional text above or below the logo will incur a small additional charge.

- The illustration shows the member's boat name above the logo and the 'BYHH 2016' (Bring Your Hurley Home 2016) legend below. Members are free to choose any font and layout for their boat name. The BYHH 2016 legend is standardised with the font in the main logo, for consistency.

- When ordering from the catalogue please take care to note the specific dimensions of Small/Medium/Large etc as these do vary between manufacturers.

- The colour of the text in the logo, and any text above or below, is variable depending upon the colour of the garment. For example the illustration shows white text on a dark garment. On a light-coloured garment members will probably want to choose black text.

- Note that the boat's sails within the logo have a black edge (not visible in the illustration as the shirt is black) so that the sails will show up against a white background.

- The polo shirt in the illustration is 539M (mans) made by Russell. It is also available in a ladies style. The characteristics of the different brands of garment do vary so members should discuss these with CMP when ordering.

Price List - all items embroidered with the basic HOA logo

T Shirt £12
Polo top £15
Sweatshirt £17
Hoodie £22
Zoodie (zipped hoodie) £25
Fleece, full zip £24
Baseball cap £10

The Hurley Owners Association currently has the following for sale:


Fly your HOA burgee with pride!

These can be purchaed directly from

To order any of these items please send your name and address (including country and post/zip code) to:
or Ian Sinclair, HOA, 26, Parklands Road, Chichester, PO19 3DT, UK

Payment can be made by :-

Cheque payable to 'Hurley Owners Association' and sent to Ian Sinclair
PayPal to ""
Bank Transfer (Not recommended for non EU countries due to the charges).
Sort code: 40-20-29 Account No.: 71155407
IBAN - GB52MIDL40202971155407
BIC/Swift code - MIDLGB2130U