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hurley 30/90 picture

HURLEY 30/90
(Anderson 30)

The 30/90 is the largest boat in the Hurley family, and only a limited number were built. Like most Hurley's, the 30 is a stiff dry boat that is good in moderate to heavy air and a bit of a sea. She is a well-built, heavy boat for her size and shares many of the traits of the Hurley range.

The Anderson 30 is a development of the Hurley 30 design. Produced in Dartmouth by Ian Anderson's own company Western Approaches Ltd in the late 70's early 80's this version, incorporated modifications to the hull between the fin and the skeg. This allowed for an in line propeller arrangement with consequently better handling under engine power than the previous offset propeller.The interior was restyled and the model was sold in both factory finished and kit forms in a deluxe or a standard version. The deluxe version incorporated teak decks and sold at what was a very expensive price at that time. The standard version was not much cheaper. The price naturally affected demand and so only somewhere around 23 of these yachts were built.Like the earlier Hurley versions the Anderson 30 is a stiff dry boat sailing well in moderate to heavy air and a moderate sea. The Whitlock wheel steering, which was fitted as standard, served to reduce the heavy weather helm experienced on the earlier tiller steered Hurley's.

Thanks to the kindness of Ian Calderhead HOA now has a set of plans for the Anderson 30. If anyone is interested please contact

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Principle dimensions of the Hurley 30/90