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The Alacrity 19 was designed in 1960 by Peter Stevenson. It was an open plan, relatively beamy yacht and they were built by Hurley Marine for the Essex based Hurley agent Russell Marine Ltd. They performed well but the accommodation and headroom were limited, but at least one has crossed the Atlantic.

The Alacrity was built in great numbers and was marketed as a Hurley for one year - 1969. Hurley did not just mould the hulls for Russell Marine but completed the whole yacht ready to take to sea. Russell Marine built them alone after about 1972.

Peter Stevenson's wife, Norma, has recently been in touch with the Association (Sep 2014) and has sent us the following message

I am delighted to know about the Alacrity; my husband Peter Stevenson designed her, then sold the drawings to Hurley and so didn't receive any royalties, Even so, I am pleased that the boats are still sailing. Should you require any more information I'll be happy to send it to you. Before we were back in Burnham we were in the West Indies with our Colin Archer double-ender, Happy Days!

I attach a picture of Peter Stevenson (he's the one in the foreground) sailing an Alacrity. (The picture is above, click on it to see a larger version)

The Alacrity 19 was stretched by 18" and became the Vivacity 20. The re-design was by DC Pollard. The model was changed several times during its production run. Russell Marine joined forces with Catalina Yachts of the USA and also produced the Alacrity 21, Alacrity 22/670 and Vivacity yachts. The Alacrity 22/670 was a very different yacht to the 19 that Hurley Marine built. The 22 evolved and was later known as the Jaguar 22 in the UK, Catalina 22 in USA and Lynx in France. It was also built in Spain. Russell Marine eventually renamed themselves as Jaguar Yachts.

Whilst building the Alacrity 19 Hurley Marine also built a large range of similar yachts. These included the Signet 20 (built for a Welsh company but also marketed as a Hurley for a while), Silhouette, Hurley 18, Felicity 20, Hurley 20, Hurley 22, Hurley 24.

LOA 18'6"
LWL 17'0"
Beam 6'11"
Draft 1'10"
TM 3.1 tons
Displacement 1450 lbs
Sail area 150 sq ft
Number of berths 2, 3 or 4 (alternative layouts available)
Headroom 4'0"
Ballast 530 lbs
Keels Twin bilge