Dutch-built Hurley yachts

The following account of the history of Hurley yachts has been provided by Mr Hans Keller of Hurley UK the official importer of Hurley Yachts from Holland. The Dutch agent for Hurley Marine was a company called Triba of Edan.

"When Hurley Marine Ltd went out of business in 1974 the Hurley Marine agents Triba bought a set of Hurley 22 moulds and the rights to use the Hurley name. (This statement is not confirmed or proved). Nothing was done with the moulds until the late 1980's when a company called Jachtbouw Twente bought the rights just to use the name and commissioned Borghen of Denmark to design an 8.3metre sailing cruiser in the Hurley spirit building them in Holland they were an instant success. The result was a beautiful sailing cruiser with enclosed ballast. When I decided to move to Wales in 1997 I purchased one for myself to sail around the UK. I started what we called Hurley UK Ltd as a subsidiary of Jachtbouw Twente.

The hulls were constructed by Coniplex of Contest fame and later Jachtbouw Twente bought the rights to the Contest 34, which was discontinued by Coniplex. They called it the Hurley 1050.

The owner of Jachtbouw Twente fell ill and later after a family row he sold the moulds and Hurley name to Jachtwerf De Eemhof who still build the Dutch Hurley's. The new owners sadly did not want to market the vessel in the UK.

Hans Keller."

I have not seen any copy of any agreement whereby the Hurley name was sold to the Dutch company. I'm not sure how many of the Hurley 700 yachts were built. Could anyone please tell us?

Nick Vass HOA

Hull Number plate from a Hurley 700 (Hurley 22)