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Hurley 20
Silhouette/Hurley 20 advert
Hurley 20
Hurely 20 on the Rideau Lake system between Ontario and Kingston, Canada
Hurley 20 ashore
New Hurley 20 sailing in Plymouth Sound
Hurley 20 interior - late model 1970
Hurley 20 sail plan
Hurley 20 boat number plate
The interior of Sally Taylor's Hurley 20. Sally says: " These photos show how I cut the interior bulkhead, after installing a stainless steel compression post under the mast. I left a "knee" on each side, as suggested by the designer himself, Ian Anderson. It really opens up the space and the one night I slept 5 aboard (two outside on the cockpit cushions, two in the quarter berths) the fifth person curled up forward comfortably among the sails (he claims)"
Hurley 20 sailing in Poole Harbour
Hurley 20 sailing in Poole Harbour
Hurley 20 interior
Hurley 20 interior
Hurley 20 sailing in Torbay