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Ian Anderson original drawings - from an auction find by Jim and Jane Bryant of Bridport July 2013. We have drawings of a proposed 27ft design (sadly not the production H27), a 29ft and 30ft. Two are dated 1968 and signed. These are clearly progenitors of the eventual H30. Reading Ian's 'reflecting on a lifetime in yacht design' on the web site - he talks about designing a 28ft which became 30ft, so give or take a foot or two, these drawings tie in well with that formative period. There are some interesting features, for example in the 29 footer, the engine is mounted horizontally above the shaft/prop and connected by a chain drive!

Also we have two rather fine coloured drawings of the profile of the Multi Role Cruising Boat (MRCB) which Ian built and sold, I think under the Western Approaches company. MRCB had hull sections which lowered in the water and a powerful engine to get you to harbour quickly in no wind. An early MacGregor-type idea. Tim Sharman

Proposed 30ft Auxiliary Sloop for A.G. Hurley Marine Ltd. Signed Ian L. Anderson. Original.

Early design for the H30. Some differences in coach roof and windows from eventual design.

28 Jan 1968
Hurley 27 Proposal, general arrangement only - signed Ian L Anderson. Original.

Not the eventual Hurley 27 design. Similarities with the Hurley 30 (above) and Hurley 24 - underwater profile (fin), stern and Coachroof/hatch

22 Nov 1968

Proposed 29ft Auxiliary Sloop (1/2 ton cup cruiser/racer) General Proposal Drawing

Multi role Cruising Boat (MRCB) Profile Drawing (coloured)

Dec 1981
MRCB cream, coffee and brown colour scheme